Day 2: Snorkeling in Saint Anne’s Marine Park!

Last night (on Zach’s first plane flight) we arrived on Mahe Island, Seychelles, in a light drizzle…and were met by a welcoming party which included none other than Miss Seychelles! Two mini buses, crammed with our luggage, drove us to our accommodation at the National Sports Centre where, once we settled in, we were served a delicious buffet featuring an array of local delicacies. Although we were tired, everyone was too excited to sleep – and a little turned around by the two hour time difference – which meant there were some sleepy faces at breakfast in the morning!

Our first full day in the Seychelles and every view is a postcard photograph.

We took a boat ride out to Saint Anne’s Marine Park where we snorkeled in crystal blue waters through the stunning coral reef and swam with schools of multi-coloured tropical fish. A walk on the islands provided our first encounter with giant turtles, and later we lunched on delicious Seychelloise cuisine braaied on the pure white-sanded beach of Cerf Island. Many thanks to Creole Travel Services and their friendly staff who provided us with snorkeling tips, the history of the islands and a slice of Seychelloise culture. On the boat ride home the boys sang the Zimbabwe National Anthem for them and they reciprocated with the Seychelles anthem.

This trip could not have been better timed: today is the Seychelles National Day and the sports centre where we’re staying is playing host to the celebrations. It feels like everyone on the island has dressed up and come to the festivities! Fireworks, a flea market and a concert have entertained the crowds and the boys have had the chance to sample more local cuisine – like octopus curry – from the food stalls. Trust the Zimbabweans to arrive in time for a party! 🙂

Best part of the day:

Ben Evans (who has his own blog site, nebster2102): I would have to say the best part of my day was going snorkeling because, for one, I’ve never been snorkeling before, and, for two, because of the breathtaking view: the fish, the sea urchins, the coral was just stunning.

Kishan Parekh: I can’t really decide between snorkeling and the beach, both were a novel experience that I will never forget.

Malcolm Sithole: The boat ride was my best part of the day, sitting there and looking at the beautiful view.

Zach Maidwell: The best part of my day? For starters, the concert for National Day…the crowd was all singing together in rhythm and there was such unity. And secondly, the snorkeling which was was incredible, giving us the freedom to move around in the water and marvel at the beauty of the ocean floor.

Saaven Ranchod: The snorkeling was my favourite part…it was amazing, giving us the chance to see the marine life up close. It looked totally different from what we see on TV.

Ryan Wilson: I think it was probably the snorkeling. Being with my friends and seeing all the different kinds of fish was good fun.

Tanaka Marape: What I liked most about today was the beach. The water was so warm and the tides were gently sweeping my feet. I also enjoyed the boat ride, it was so beautiful seeing the fish through the glass-bottom of the boat. I liked the zebra fish the most.

(Internet connection is erratic, photographs to follow!)




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