Last night we fell asleep to the excited chatter of Creole as revellers headed home from National Day festivities…and woke up this morning to another gorgeous day in the Seychelles, the sun gently glinting off the palm trees and the bay surrounding the National Sports Centre.

A late-ish breakfast allowed us all a bit of a rest and then it was on to a quick tour of the island, the focus being on discovering the other treasure, besides its natural resources, for which Seychelles is renowned. Our guide took us to the home of John Cruise Wilkins, a real-life pirate hunter who regaled us with stories of pirates and treasures and deadly traps, a world he has been involved in since before he was born and his father became enchanted by the stories of hidden treasure on the island. His father dedicated much of his life to hunting a particular treasure, across the road from John’s Beau Vallon house, and, when he died, John took over. John is a history teacher  by profession but digging for the treasure – worth over $100 million – is his passion (and an expensive one at that); he keeps going with the firm belief that he is drawing nearer and nearer to his goal…and 50 percent of the value of the find which will go to the digger. But more on that fascinating tale when we get back…

After momentarily losing ourselves in the fascinating world of pirates, we came back down to earth – and a beautiful earth at that – on Beau Vallon Beach where the sand is as white as icing sugar. We ate octopus curry, char-grilled snapper and monk fish salad on the beach and, afterwards, some of the boys water skiied, canoed and joined in a game of soccer with a crowd of local boys. The boys interviewed Randy, a beach-side fruit vendor and fisherman, in French who, on parting, offered us fresh coconut milk straight out the shell.

And now we’ll try to upload some photographs though please bear with us as internet connections are erratic and slow.


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