Day 8 and 9: The long journey home and there’s still sand in our shoes

All good things must come to an end, and such is the case with our amazing trip to the Seychelles. We flew out of Mahe island at 8am yesterday – which, allowing for check-in time – meant a dawn start and some grumpy faces…although that probably had to do less with the early start and more with the thought of leaving. We arrived in a very chilly Johannesburg at 11am and reluctantly swapped our flip flops for boots…but we’re still finding beach sand in our pockets and tucked away in corners of our backpacks to assure us it was real and not just a really great dream.

We had another dawn start this morning and, this evening, 22 extremely tired but happy boys pulled into the CBC car park to a joyous reception by parents with pre-warnings on our whatsapp group not to “squeeze them to death”. The comments from boys and parents, both before, during and after the trip have been incredible and we’ve been recording them and will share them with you over the next few days. We’re also compiling more photographs to share with you and are planning a full presentation at the school, details to follow.

What we have realised is that we don’t want the blog to die, so we are looking at ways of keeping it alive as a CBC Media Club initiative. We’re still working out the logistics but watch this space for details.

Just time for one photograph today…”the crew” waiting for the Cat Rosa ferry to take them from the island of La Digue back to Praslin on Sunday evening.IMG_1449 (640x427)


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