In living colour: Multi-media presentation on the Seychelles Trip

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Report by Ben Evans, Keletso Moyo and Seth van Beek (Form Ones)

Last Friday the Media and French Club held a multi-media presentation for parents on their tour to the Seychelles.

The presentation was held in the Staff Room where boys who participated on the tour, together with the Head Boy and a group of prefects, ushered the guests to their seats and handed them their programmes as well as commemorative group photographs from the trip.

Mrs Kee-Tui gave a welcome speech and then Ndaba Mazibuko took over as MC.

The boys presented their trip in the form of PowerPoint slideshows, prepared by Form Ones and Form Twos, and videos edited by the Editing Team.

The Form Three gave a French presentation, describing the trip, followed by a Creole conversation between Seth van Beek and Ricky Shahzad. Tino Msasanure and Tanaka Marape then described the lifestyles of the Seychellois, in French.

Mrs Davies highlighted the many educational aspects gained by students on the tour and with the help of students, as well as photographs taken on the trip, explained areas such as the history, the geography and the geology of the islands.

The last speech of the evening was given by guest, Mr. G. Moyo, who had been instrumental in initiating the tour. His speech inspired the parents to take their children to different places to learn and study.

Mrs. Evans (Ben’s mom) thought the presentation was really good, well thought out and very well presented.

Mrs. Van Beck (Seth’s mom) said it was a really good idea to take the children the on this trip. She thanked the different parents for sending their children on this wonderful trip.

Mrs. Moyo (Keletso’s mom) thanked the teachers for making this trip possible and said she was inspired by the speech given by Mr. G. Moyo.

The Club says special thanks to:

The headmaster, Mr Thomson and members of the Executive and members of staff for attending the event and for all their support

To Doc Van Rooyen who is always very supportive and always willing to give up his time to support the Media Club

To Mrs S. Mpala of Mpala Boutique Hotel ( for her generous  help with the decor. We look forward to working together more in the future.

To the parents for all their support financially and otherwise to make both the Seychelles trip and the presentation a great success.









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